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Nollywood - Nigeria's Entertainment Industry

Nollywood - Nigeria's Entertainment Industry

Nigeria is an incredible country with excellent opportunities for a variety of industries. What's interesting is that at least in recent years, the entertainment and media industry has managed to grow quite a bit. This has allowed locals to access a vast range of opportunities, and that's how Nollywood has managed to grow quite a bit.

Why is it called Nollywood?

Nollywood is a portmanteau, a combination of Hollywood and Nigeria in a single word. With that being said, the entertainment sector grew all over the world, and the same can be said about Nigeria. A lot of people are looking for great content, be it in the form of movies, TV series, music, theaters or anything similar to that.

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Does Nollywood contribute to the local economy?

Absolutely, Nollywood is generating a lot of profits and that's great for the local economy. It's very important to ensure that the local economy receives all the necessary support, assistance and employment opportunities. And thanks to Nollywood, they get just that. It's an amazing way to support locals and ensure that the economy is growing.

In fact, stats suggest that Nollywood generates more than 2000 movies a year, and the annual Nollywood revenue is around $1.2 billion. That shows it's one of the best movie industries in the world. So yes, even if the movies might not have massive US budgets, they stand out with the local creativity and a lot of people to go watch them. Some even use the best way to send money to Nigeria so their families can go and watch these movies.


It's great to see that the Nollywood sector is growing and the simple fact that this also helps the local economy is incredible. That really goes to show the unique factor brought in, and it does bring in front an exciting and unique set of ideas in the first place. It's important to send money to Nigeria from UK and support the local movie industry. Not only it helps the local economy, but it also keeps a lot of people employed too. It's extremely beneficial, and a lot of great movies get made this way too!

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