Nigerian music getting an international recognition

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Nigerian music getting an international recognition

Nigerian music getting an international recognition

When you send money to Nigeria from the UK, you always focus on assisting someone or maybe you want to visit the country. If that’s the case, it also makes sense to learn more about the culture too. That’s why it’s a great idea to understand more about Nigerian music, and there are a massive variety of options in this field. In fact, there are a multitude of great Nigerian music types that you should check out.

Juju music

Juju music features percussion and guitar. It’s also known as dance music, and it became very popular during the 1950s. If you send money to Nigeria, you do want to know the culture and music, and Juju in particular is a popular genre that still remains a crucial part of the local music.


Afrobeat is widely popular too, and it manages to blend many different multiple instruments. You have percussion instruments, some jazz beats, but also some slang and dance performances. Fela Anikulapo Kuti is known for the birth of Afrobeat, however the genre is still alive and kicking, which is incredibly interesting to say the least.


The genre is influenced by American Jazz, but also Ghaian music. It was inspired by Cardinal Rex Lawson and Victor Olaiya among many others. It does feature bands with one or two singers, and they do bring in front a unique take on multiple genres.

Yoruba music

What’s interesting to note when you use the best money transfer app to Nigeria is that you also get to help locals. Yoruba people have always been looking for a way to express their culture and they do have their own music. The thing that makes this music unique is the focus on tension drums and percussion. That offers a very distinct perspective, while pushing the limits in a very exciting manner.

Fuji music

The genre is very popular among the Yoruba people, however it did have its fair share of controversy. When it comes to performers, there are people like Pasuma, Kollington Ayinla, but also King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall that are all known for the great music and amazing performances.

Waka music

We can’t talk about Nigerian music without the Waka music. It’s very popular among the Yoruba people, and it does have some Islamic influences. At first, the genre was very niche, but it soon became mainstream and that managed to add a new layer of excitement and uniqueness to the process as a whole.


Apala is one of those genres that’s related to pop music. People like Musleiu Ishola, Ayinla Omuwura and many others became superstars thanks to Apala music. The music style itself is very interesting and it certainly pushes the tone and boundaries to deliver something very creative and innovative.

One thing is certain, Nigeria has incredible music and it needs all the support it can get. It’s a great idea to send money to Nigeria, since you can help a lot of people, and you will find it much easier than ever to offer the help and support via money transfers!

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