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Christmas Celebrations in Nigeria

Christmas Celebrations in Nigeria

Christmas is one of the most popular festivals around the world. It marks the birth of the great messenger - Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him), who came with a divine message about the oneness of God and His commands. Each country has its tradition of celebrating this auspicious day. The situation is also distinct in Nigeria. People wait for this day and try to make the best of the festival. Even folks living abroad send money to Nigeria from the UK to ensure their family members enjoy the festivities.

How Christmas is Celebrated in Nigeria?

Christmas celebrations in Nigeria are unique. Nigerians have specific practices that they follow about the festival. Plenty of preparation happens beforehand. People buy hens, cows, turkeys, and goats a couple of weeks in advance. Children find excitement in loitering around the animals and tormenting them. Frantic plans are made for holidays, travel, and exchanging of gifts in the build-up to Christmas Day.

Unlike other nations such as USA, Christmas Eve is not made a fuss off. However, just before Christmas, families get together in the villages and towns. The main focus is Christmas Day. People prepare traditional meals on Christmas Eve.

Meals and Dishes

In Yoruba, meals usually contain Iyan (pounded yam) amala or eba, served over with peppery vegetables (stewed). People eat this meal three to four times a day, due to visiting friends and family who are offered this custom meal in their homes.

Many other dishes are also prepared on Christmas Eve. A chicken and rice stew that is similar to an Indian curry stew is another popular dish. Some families cook a delicacy called moin-moin. It is blended black-eyed beans, mixed with diced liver, vegetable oil, prawns, beef, chicken, and fish. This mouth-watering concoction is wrapped inside large leaves and steamed for cooking.

Firecrackers and Dances

There is immense energy on the roads. Festive jubilations include the loud crackling of a range of firework displays and luminous firecrackers going off. Colourful tradition masquerades around the events. Not to forget, everybody has the best clothes on and children enjoy the maximum fun playing around. There are also dancers and masquerades on the streets. People living abroad often send money from the UK to Nigeria for their families, so they can enjoy it to the fullest.

Themes and Decorations

Worldwide traditions such as Santa Claus, the wreath, the mistletoe, and yule-log have influenced Nigerian Christmas but they are not strictly adhered to throughout the celebrations. On Christmas Day everyone attends church. It is customary to decorate homes, churches, and compounds with woven and/or unwoven palm fronds, Christmas lights, and Christmas trees.

The themes and decorations mimic the festival in the best manner. The Christmas tree and colourful decorations make their way into all houses. People try to have unique decorations to stand out from others. Some folks also host music and related events for their guests.


Nigeria has fantastic traditions and family customs within its way of life, particularly at Christmas. Everybody can personalise his festival. Family’s vigour and enthusiasm are at their best. The celebrations get even better with money transfer to Nigeria. All it takes is the choosing the right transfer service to magnify the festivities.

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